Frequently Asked Questions

+ What insurances do you take?

We take all major insurances including passport ,well care and most Medicaid products

+ What are your working hours?

7 AM to 4.30 PM most of the days, call front desk for details.

+ What do I need to bring at my appointment?

Kindly bring your up-to-date insurance card and any co-pay that applies also at initial registration a copy of driving license if available is required.

+ What happens if I need help in after hours?

When you call the office phone number in after hours you are connected to on call provider if it is appropriate

+ What age groups are seen at the practice?

All age groups including newborns. We try to provide comprehensive care to the whole family.

+ What is the wait time before an appointment is given?

We try to get the sick established patients seen the same day and new patients within a week.

+ What is the referral process?

We have dedicated staff that work the referrals locally and the surrounding areas.

+ How are messages to the providers handled?

Messages are typically collected by front desk and medical assistants and forwarded to the providers who are expected to respond before the days end. Patients with electronic portal can bypass the staff and send messages directly to the provider.

+ What vaccinations are available?

Most of vaccinations required by pediatric immunization schedule are available we are an approved site for vaccine for children program and administer them at site. Adult vaccinations per insurance coverage are also available.

+ Where can I see your policies?

Our policies are available here.